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Counseling Corner

Message from Mr. Santangelo

As the Fairbanks Road School Counselor, I work closely with the entire school community including students, families, teachers, administrators and community agencies. My work is guided by Churchville-Chili’s Standards-Based Curriculum for elementary, middle and high school counseling. This curriculum addresses academic, career and personal/social development across all grade levels. The curriculum was designed to align Churchville-Chili's mission with NYS Standards, as well as the standards of the American School Counselor Association.

I began my school counseling career at FRS in 1995 and have been here ever since.  My goal is to create positive relationships with students and their families so together we can help all FRS students be the best they can be.

Below you find an overview of the counseling services and resources available at FRS, within our district and in our community. I look forward to working with you and your family. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.

FRS Counseling Program

The Elementary School Counselor Program at FRS is part of our total school philosophy.  It is child centered and compliments learning in the classroom.  Our program encourages student’s social, emotional and personal growth at each stage of development.

The purpose of counseling students, parents and teachers is to help students maximize their social and academic potential.  It is important to remember the school counselor is here for all children in our school.

Our counseling program  is organized around the following basic interventions:  

  • Individual or one-to-one counseling
  • Classroom guidance
  • Group counseling

Counseling is conducted with students individually and in small groups when requested and deemed appropriate.  It is short term, voluntary and confidential.  Parental permission is obtained prior to any extended individual or group counseling.  

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling can be done on a regular basis with scheduled weekly or bi-weekly meetings or on an as-needed basis when situational concerns arise. Parents will be contacted if their child is invited to participate in regular counseling services. 

Classroom Guidance

Classroom guidance lessons are performed on an as need basis depending upon school climate, classroom chemistry and/or teacher goals.

Possible Classroom Guidance Lessons:
Conflict resolution, anger management, communication, problem solving, peer pressure, feelings awareness, teamwork, listening, stress management, bullying.

Group Counseling

The purpose of counseling groups is to provide the opportunity for students who share a common concern to meet together to receive support through talking, learning and sharing. Participation in the groups are voluntary and if your child is recommended for a group you will be notified of a concern by the teacher then you will receive a permission slip from me.

Groups will be 20-25 minutes in length and will take place once or twice a week during the school day. Groups will run for 4-5 weeks. The counselor works closely with teachers to choose times for groups that interfere as little as possible with instruction. If you feel your child may benefit from participating group counseling, please email or call Mr. Santangelo. 

Possible Groups:
Friendship Club, Anger busters, Worry Warts, Family Change, Self- Esteem, ADD/ADHD

Counseling Referrals

Counseling referrals may originate from teachers, administrators, parents or students themselves.

  • Students often come to speak with me if they need extra support with a problem or concern. In order to do this, they may speak to their teacher first about coming to the counseling office.
  • Parents/families can contact the counseling office directly with questions, concerns or a referral.
  • Teachers and administrators will contact counseling for behavioral, emotional or social concerns they may have about students. Teachers also have opportunities throughout the year to refer students for specific group counseling focusing on various topics.

Parenting Information

FRS Counselor

David Santangelo
(585) 293-4543 ext. 3700

For additional resources and links on a variety of age-appropriate topics, please visit our resource page.

K-4 Counseling Resources

Churchville-Chili CSD utilizes school counselors, psychologists and social workers to support students, families, classroom staff and administrators.

To learn more about the district's various services, resources and supports, please visit: 

Mental Health Resources & Support